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The main goal of the Restoration Workshop at the Department of the Machine and Industrial Design, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, VSB-TU Ostrava, is to restore at least one motorcycle each year from the large collection of historical motorcycles of the Moravian-Silesian Region, which was donated to the region in 2015 by academician Rybička.

However, the fact remains that all motorcycles eventually leave the workshop after the completion of the restoration work, and it is subsequently quite difficult to fulfill another stated goal, which is the promotion of the university and technical education, naturally focusing on the issue of repair, maintenance and preservation of the technical cultural heritage.

And what kind of Restoration Workshop would it be if it didn't have something to brag about, or should not have something to present itself publicly. That's why we decided to establish our own "GARAGE", where interesting historical exhibits could find their place in the future, and probably not just means of transport.

The very first exhibit that was parked in the GARAGE or perhaps even in a future collection was the historic BMW R62 motorcycle produced in 1929, presented by the Restoration Workshop and Department of the Machine and Industrial Design in May 2022.


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