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The first historic motorcycle in the garage of the Restoration Workshop, or rather owned by the Department of the Machine and Industrial Design, was a 750 ccm BMW R62 touring motorcycle from 1929. The motorcycle, which is actually the first of a series of still successful large touring BMWs, was produced in 1928 and 1929, and the fact, that only 4355 units were produced, ranks it among the rarest BMW machines ever.

The basis of the motorcycle is BMW's latest generation of all-welded frame made of bent tubes, a 750 ccm engine with a capacity of 13 kW (18 hp), a three-speed manual gearbox and power transmission from the gearbox to the rear wheel via a drive shaft - cardan. An interesting feature of this motorcycle is the flat tank, which refers to the first motorcycles from 1923 and their economical and elegant design without excessive decoration, which is still valued today, as well as the fact that an oil-filled (not grease-lubricated) gearbox was used for the first time in the BMW R62.

The motorcycle uses a number of non-standard technical solutions for its time, among other things, it is equipped with fully electric Bosch lighting, which proves not only the skill of the brand's designers at the time, but also the effort of the BMW management to bring innovative models to the market almost every year.

It must be emphasized that the motorcycle, presented to the public by the Restoration Workshop in May 2022 after completing a number of administrative procedures and necessary maintenance, is fully operable and ready to perform its tasks within the framework of presentations by the Department of the Machine and Industrial Design and the Restoration Workshop at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, VSB-TU Ostrava.


Technical parameters of the motorcycle:

Production 1928 – 1929
Engine two-cylindered four-stroke engine, type boxer, side valves control
745 cm3 (ø 83 x 68 mm; bore x stroke)
Capacity 13,0 kW (18 k) at 3 400 min-1
Clutch single-disk dry in the crankshaft flywheel
Gear final drive - rear wheel shaft
Gearbox three-speed manual with the drive shaft on the right side
Shifting shift manual right-hand; lever on the gearbox
Frame tubular frame without rear wheel suspension
Dimensions length - 2 100 mm
width - 800 mm
height - 950 mm
wheelbase - 1 400 mm
saddle height - 720 mm
Weight 155 kg
Maximum speed 115 km·h-1
Tank volume 12,5 l
Purchase cost 1 650 Reichsmark (average annual salary in Germany in 1929)


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