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Another year of work in the Restoration workshop at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, VSB-TU Ostrava was marked by a return to our home meadows and groves. The fourth model that was restored in the workshop was a popular motorcycle produced by Česká Zbrojovka, a national company based in Strakonice, namely the ČZ 150c model from 1950. One might argue that this is nothing rare, as more than 100.000 of these motorcycles were produced between 1950 and 1953, but they deserve attention nonetheless. Motorcycle was produced in two versions, called as 125c or 150c, so the volume of the cylinders was 125 or 150 cubic centimeters. On its contemporary poster, Zbrojovka presented the motorcycles as "The best light two-strokes in the world", commanding the respect of stronger displacements. For the ČZ 150 type, she also stated that it is suitable for tandem driving.

The motorcycle, which reached the Restoration Workshop at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, VSB-TU Ostrava, can be classified in terms of the first series produced in 1950, which is evidenced by the rear non-suspended wheel, because the models of other series were equipped with JAWA telescopes at the back, which were used in the well-known "Pérák".

It was practically no surprise that this motorcycle from the collection of the Moravian-Silesian Region also arrived at the Restoration Workshop in an undriveable condition with a number of minor or major modifications and scratches from the previous owners. Let's mention at least a different light switch, a different fuel tap, a modified rear fender or a completely missing front fender.

The stage of hard restoration work could only begin after the necessary checks, evaluation of the original condition, setting of goals and collection of period documents. The motorcycle was completely disassembled and all non-functioning, significantly worn or completely missing parts were gradually repaired (cylinder grinding, overhaul of the front shock absorbers, ...) or replaced (bearings, gufero sealing rings, clutch plate, front fender, ...). The result of the work is a motorcycle that has successfully passed the driving tests and that fully preserves the appearance of the used machine.

ČZ 150c (1950) - before restoration
ČZ 150c (1950) - after restoration

Technical parameters of the motorcycle:

Production 1950 – 1953
Engine two stroke air cooled one cylinder engine
148,3 cm3 (ø 57 x 58 mm; bore x stroke)
Capacity 4,5 kW (5,75 k) at 4 500 min-1
Clutch multilamellar in an oil bath
Gear primary - roller chain 3/8“x3/8“ 50 chain segment
secondary - roller chain 1/2“x5/16“ 110 chain segment
Gearbox three-speed
Shifting foot shift on the left side
Frame cradle frame welded from seamless tubes
Dimensions length - 1 960 mm
width - 680 mm
height - 980 mm
wheelbase - 1 260 mm
saddle height - 700 mm
Weight 84 kg
Maximum speed 85 km·h-1
Fuel consumption 2,8 l for 100 km
Purchase cost 5 700 / 6 000 Kč (paint / chrome in 1950)

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